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Shampoo Vetas antiparasitic with propoxur for cats 250 ml

  • Active substances
    Bottle size
    250 ml

Triple action shampoo. Due to the active substance – propoxur, this shampoo helps get rid of fleas and ticks. Special conditioning additives protect skin and hair, making them obedient and smooth. Pleasant smell is kept quite long. The shampoo contains 0.15% of propoxur unlike other flea shampoos with standard 0.05% of propoxur in their composition.

Indications: Prevention and treatment of ectoparasites in cats:

- fleas (Ctenocephalus spp.);

- Ixodes (Dermacentor spp., Rhipicephalus spp., Ixodes spp.);

- lice;

- canine chewing lice

Safety of use: The product has passed all the clinical tests. Safety of this product for animals is fully confirmed (if used according to the instructions)

100 ml of the product contains the active substance: propoxur - 0.15 g

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