vetas product

Dog collar for large breeds, 70 cm

  • Active substances
    Propoxur, Flumetrin
    Medical uses
    against fleas and ticks

Dog collar for large breeds, 70 cm

Polymeric tape with a specific smell of the constituent substances.

Collar active substances demonstrate a synergistic effect on ticks (Rhipisephalus sanduines and Ixodes ricinus) and fleas (Ctenocephlides canis / felis) in dogs.

Propoxur acts directly on the parasites, causing toxic accumulation of the neurohormone acetylcholine on cholinergic nerve endings, as a result both fleas and ticks die.

Flumethrin is a pyrethroid which has got a high acaricidal activity. Synthetic pyrethroids interact with the sodium channels of the nerve cell membranes. That leads to delay of depolarization of the neural membrane, as the result the parasite dies. Flumethrin acts very fast on fleas and also has a repellent effect on insects.

After you put the collar on your pet, the active substances are gradually distributed over the dog's body and accumulated on the skin, coat and in sebaceous glands. Active substances do not penetrate the animal`s blood.

Collar 10g. (PVC tape) contains such active substances:

Propoxur - 0.83g.


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