vetas product

Insectoacaricidical Drops for dogs with weight from 30 kg to 40 kg

  • Active substances
    Imidaclopyrid, Permethrin
    Medical uses
    Lice, fleas, lice, ixodid ticks, mosquitoes, midges and mosquitoes

Imidaclopyrid acts on adult fleas, as well as flea larvae that are in the environment.

Permethrin acts on ticks, lice, mosquitoes, mosquitoes and bloodsucking flies.

Imidacloprid and permethrin complement each other and work in synergy, with the help of a successful combination, VETAS drops have an insecticidal, acaricidal and repellent effect on insects and ticks that parasitize dogs and pose a threat to their health.

The drug is effective at all stages of the development of lice, fleas, gnats, and ixodid ticks, it protects animals from mosquitoes, midges and mosquitoes.

A single treatment with the drug protects animals from being affected by fleas and ticks for 4 weeks.

1 ml of the drug contains the active substance:
Permethrin - 25%
Imidacloprid - 10%

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