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Horse Profi gel with cooling and warming effects.

Horse Profi gel with cooling and warming effects

This remedy is used as an ambulance to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation caused by sprains and bruises.

Effective application:

1) Accelerates the recovery of tissues;

2) Relieves fatigue and swelling;

3) Removes stagnation in the tissues;

4) Provides care of tissues of the back and limbs during seasonal acute conditions or over exercise;

5) It can also be used for stimulating massage before, during and after physical exercises to prevent muscle spasms.

Effectiveness of this gel is based on a combination of directional natural complexes:

Phyto complex (bitter pepper, eucalyptus, juniper, marsh cinquefoil, St. John's wort) - stimulates blood circulation and interchange of body fluids in areas of application, has tonic and restorative effect.
Calcium and magnesium organic salts complex participates in biosynthesis of connective tissue and protection against destruction.

Warming complex (camphor, turpentine oil, methyl salicylate, essential oils of: cinnamon, eucalyptus, tea tree, cloves) – has soft warming and distracting effects, eliminates stagnation.

Cooling complex (essential oil and extract of peppermint, menthol) - has a soothing effect on pain and inflammation, relieves overstrain and swelling.

Biologically active complex (honey, vitamin B5) - contributes to the activation of microcirculation and restoration of cell membranes.
Dimexide - provides high penetration of active components into the tissues and has a soft prolonged effect.

Purified water, calcium and magnesium organic salts, honey, extracts of: peppermint, bitter pepper, eucalyptus, juniper, marsh cinquefoil, St. John's wort; turpentine oil, camphor, menthol, coconut oil, cedar oil, ricinous oil, dimethicone, allantoin, methyl salicylate, vitamin B5, essential oils of: mint, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tea tree, cloves; glycerin, TNI, dimexide.

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