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Insectoacaricidical drops for dogs and cats is an effective agent which helps protect animals from fleas, lice, parasitiform and acariform ticks. It`s easy to use.

Drops for cats by VETAS act in a manner that the parasites die not only on the cat`s body, but also in the premises where it lives. Treatment should be carried out regularly, because fleas are harmful to humans too: they may cause redness, itching and allergic reactions. The active substance, fipronil, blocks the nerve receptors of parasites, causes paralysis and rapid death.

The hormone S-methoprene destroys ectoparasites, which allows to use the drops as a preventive measure.

VETAS for dogs has a larger spectrum of action. It acts not only against parasites, but also against mosquitoes and flies. The active ingredient imidacloprid destroys the flea larvae and adult parasites. A single treatment keeps its effect up to 4 weeks.

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