Insectoacaricidal drops for dogs and cats are easy to use and effective for protecting animals from fleas, lice, hairworms, parasitic and acariform mites.
Spot-he drops from parasites
Drops for cats VETAS act in such a way that parasites perish not only on the body of the cat, but also in the room where it lives. Treatments should be done regularly, since fleas are also harmful to humans: cause redness, itching and allergic reactions. The active ingredient - fipronil-blocks nerve receptors of parasites, which causes them paralysis and rapid death.
The hormone S-metoprene eliminates ectoparasites, which allows the use of drops and as a prevention.
 VETAS for dogs has a greater range of effects: in addition to parasites, it is able to strike mosquitoes, flies, mosquitoes. The active ingredient imidacloid destroys larvae of fleas and adult parasites. One-off treatment gives effect up to 4 weeks.

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